Work From Home
is the present.
Work For Humankind
is the future.
We’re looking for people to continue working in their current jobs*, from Lenovo’s remote tech-enabled workspace. We need a range of different skills and specialties, so you can help support the local community and endangered wildlife in your spare time. If chosen, you’ll get to live on one of the remotest places on Earth. And we’ll cover your flights and accommodation. Not a bad trade.

The only mandatories are that you’re free to work remotely for 1 month and able to volunteer for 20 hours a week. The shortlist of applicants will be chosen by the community and the NGO, Island Conservation. They will be notified between 17th January and 21st January 2022.

*T&Cs apply

Applications for Lenovo’s Work for Humankind are now closed – look out for further announcements and updates from Robinson Crusoe Island.