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Island living is easy, relaxing, and slow right?

You’ll get a funny look if you ask a local that. They will tell you that Robinson Crusoe Island is one of the most diverse environments on earth. It moves, changes, and shifts hourly. You must react. Fast.

The weather turns in a heartbeat. Endangered species are becoming extinct before our eyes. Plastic pollution is choking the island. A lack of natural disaster emergency alerts, minimal healthcare, and climate change. It’s anything but slow on Robinson Crusoe Island.

But this small island of 900 people has big plans. They want to become a sustainable archipelago. One that is self-sufficient, economically resilient, and preserves their natural and cultural heritage. That’s why Lenovo is the perfect partner. Lenovo understands the need for adaptive, innovative, smarter technology solutions that can make a genuine difference to community-led projects.

Lenovo’s first mission on the island: upgrade the internet for better connectivity. This increase in megabytes is a big step towards achieving the island’s sustainability goals. It could also be the difference between receiving a storm warning and not. Saving a species or extinction.

Lenovo will upgrade the technology devices on the island too. A new community workspace will house Lenovo Intelligent Devices Group’s smarter hardware, as well as their software and services solutions. These are available for our selected volunteers to use while on the island. More importantly, they will serve the Robinson Crusoe Island community when the project has finished.