Meet Your Digital Self​

Ever feel like your online persona is different from who you can be in the real world?

In this groundbreaking social experiment, Lenovo delves into this modern-day dilemma. With cutting-edge AI and its full portfolio of smarter devices and solutions, Lenovo brings two individual’s digital personas to life as interactive, 3D avatars, capable of having real conversations with loved ones. This is how Lenovo is using technology to bring people together for good.

Explore 2 stories from either side of the world…

In this Work For Humankind project, Lenovo isn’t just showcasing innovative tech. It sheds light on a pressing issue: life in the digital age and its impact on Gen Z’s mental health. Loneliness, isolation, and anxiety are all too common, but could smarter technology and AI have a positive role to play in mental wellbeing?


Join us in exploring the intersection of technology and mental health. And, discover how AI isn’t just shaping the future – it’s reshaping how we connect with ourselves and each other. ​

AI for Good

Although a hugely technical innovation, the avatars were created for a real, human moment: a chat with a loved one. Lenovo recognizes the importance of achieving a healthy digital balance for mental wellbeing. A recent Lenovo study revealed that 60% of Gen Z wish they could have more conversations in the real world with loved ones. Although this technology is not available to the public, it demonstrates the potential of AI to enhance lives in the future.

Discover how we did this in our “making of” film and uncover how smarter tech and AI is being used for good.

Help is a Text Away​

The stories of our young people highlight the profound power of honest conversation for mental wellbeing, but also the challenges we all face when reaching out for support. So, Lenovo teamed up with 3 mental health charities in the UK, USA and Japan. ​​

If you’re struggling with loneliness or anxiety, know that you’re not alone. Simply text or scan/click the QR code below and a trained professional will offer support, free of judgment.