About Work For Humankind

Work For Humankind shows how smarter technology can bring us together for good. It raises awareness of and advances change with major societal issues around the world. Whether it’s biodiversity, sustainability, mental wellbeing, or diversity the goal is to create meaningful impact within local communities. Lenovo’s smarter tech is central to making that happen.

Work For Humankind began by telling the stories of 10 young women from around the world through immersive technology. 360 films gave an innovative insight into how these incredible women, most still in their teens, are driving change within their communities across education, poverty, social justice, technological literacy, and equality.

Fast-forward to 2021. During the height of the pandemic, Lenovo conducted a global survey of over 15,000 people. The results proved a strong desire among young people to positively impact communities while working or studying remotely.  ​

So, Lenovo challenged a group of volunteers from around the world to work from one of the most remote places on earth – Robinson Crusoe Island, 700km off the coast of Chile. Lenovo upgraded the island’s internet infrastructure, established a tech hub, and empowered the volunteers to help the local community achieve its sustainability goals. Smarter tech connected this once-isolated community to the world, and forever changed the trajectory of its people and its wildlife conservation efforts.

Since then, Work For Humankind has expanded to China, North America and India. ​

In China, Lenovo built an AI-enhanced science and technology museum to create positive momentum in bridging the education divide and sparking an interest in learning for kids in rural China.

In North America, inspired by the American culture of road trips, Lenovo built a mobile tech hub on wheels. Volunteers travelled across the US and Canada working remotely en route. In their free time they collected birdsong to contribute to species conservation.

Finally, in India, Lenovo collaborated with a remote farming community to work towards their goals of reviving lost millet cultivars, enhancing food security and local economies.

Now, in 2024, Work For Humankind has evolved to bring awareness to and advance change for a unique challenge affecting young people globally: mental wellbeing. Born from a recognition of the dual impact of digital technologies, particularly amidst the Gen Z mental health crisis, the latest evolution of Work For Humankind, titled ‘Meet Your Digital Self’ aims to show how smarter technology and AI could have a positive role to play in mental wellbeing.

As told through the true, and unscripted stories of two individuals, Lenovo explores new ways to foster understanding, and use smarter technology and AI to bring people together for good, in an increasingly digital world.

Our Partners

Lenovo’s Work For Humankind project is powered by partnerships with specialized non-profit NGOs, and we’re immensely grateful for their collaboration. Together, we are striving to ensure that our efforts make a meaningful impact.