Work For Humankind challenges you to work from anywhere, while supporting the local community in your free time.

We believe it’s up to us to look after the peoples and places around us.  It’s not just about ‘leaving no trace’ but helping our local communities improve their livelihoods and the environment.

WFH: Story so far

The remote and infamous Robinson Crusoe Island sits in the Juan Fernandez Archipelago, 700km off the coast of Chile, and is a UNESCO designated biosphere reserve thanks to the native wildlife and plant species above and below the water.

Lenovo with volunteers from across the globe have kickstarted incredible tech-enabled projects with the local community, bringing Work For Humankind to life. They explored ways to turn the island from diesel to solar power. Found ways to reuse and recycle plastic waste. Enabled local businesses to use social media. All while working remotely.

The upgraded Internet and Tech Workspace will continue to provide opportunities for volunteers and the community, now and in the future.