The Bird Van is on the road

Lenovo has partnered with BirdLife International to create a one-of-a-kind campervan. And a select group of lucky volunteers are driving it through North America.

Inside, our van is a digital nomad’s dream, which means they can work remotely. Really really remotely. Even when they’re up a mountain they can still join that 19 person Teams call, thanks to our 5G connected van, complete with Lenovo’s smarter technology. And the outside is effectively a giant microphone that records bird song. Wherever they go, the innovative SWIFT unit, developed by Cornell University, will record acoustic data for research and conservation.

So, while they’re busy working 9-5, they’re helping the environment thrive. 

Birdlife meets vanlife

BirdLife has a variety of partners across North America, who are vital in protecting and preserving these incredible creatures, but they need essential data from “citizen scientists”.

Which us why the eBird and Merlin apps are so brilliant. They are designed for everyone to use; simply walk outdoors and let our phones do all the hard work. The van is equipped with Motorola Edge phones so our volunteers will become birdwatchers in no time. Then, the data they collect can be used by BirdLife to inform important decisions, now and in the future. 

And they need all the help they can get, so download the apps and get going. 

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